About Us
Soorena Barmaky

Author and Owner of Denthusiast Group

I have a bachelor of science (BSc) degree from University of Toronto. My passion in dentistry started when I was a kid and stepped into a dental office for the first time. However, during my undergraduate program, my interest found a more logical form. I was intrigued by the interactive nature of dentistry, and that it constantly requires surgical operations which are hands-on procedures and demand having close contact with patients.

With a help of a team of interdisciplinary students, I created this scientific journal, which summarizes the latest and most interesting articles and innovations in dentistry using state-of-the-art A.I. system. All articles are hand-picked; and all summaries are fact-checked, peer reviewed, and taylored towards general audience with no background in dentistry. Source of the original articles can be found at the buttom of each page.

We also run a social media club on Instagram, @pre_denthusiasts, throug which we introduce different dental schools and their requirements, answer common DAT questions, and help pre-dental students practice their interview skills. As a pre-dental student myself, I am aware of the lack of guidance for students interested in following dentistry, and our team hopes to close this gap by providing valuable information in our page.